About Sileaf

Sileaf is a manufacturer of various products based upon BLDC platform.  The products are designed and developed to meet global standards based upon in-house innovations.  Extensive field experience with over 10 years of R&D efforts has led to the launch of innovative products.  Sileaf products are appreciated for its superior quality at the reasonable price. R&D centre and production facilities based at India and sales and marketing network across all prospective regions makes it available worldwide.

Technical Assets

Solar DC water pumps (SWP) is one of complex machines.  Efficient working of SWP requires combined effective functioning of the BLDC motor, controller and pump.  This needs multiple disciplines like electrical, electronics and hydraulics to work in sync with each other.  Sileaf possesses multi-disciplinary R&D teams in house that work tirelessly to design and develop highly efficient products.



Begin R&D


Launch of 'Sileaf' brand


Commercial Operations


Export Begins